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A Window on the Carrageenan – The Injunction

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From the law offices of Korol, Coone, and Mulligan:

Mr. John W Borek, et al:

We regret to inform you that your production of Windows on the Carrageen is effectively canceled. We represent jointly (1) the Millennium Actors Guild (hereinafter the “Guild”); (2) Mr. Mordechai Pigloversky, owner of the theater, (hereinafter the “Owner”), and (3) Ms. Maeve Gamora, author of the theatrical performance “Windows on the Carrageen” in whom this work’s copyright is currently vested (hereinafter the “Author”), all three of whom have sought and successfully obtained from the Federal District Court of Western New York an injunction on the production of this play effective immediately upon service. Our clients have combined complaints against producers of this play to ensure under threat of full penalty of law that it does not go forward.

The Court has made a preliminary finding that the production is taking place illegally on the premises of the Owner’s theater: the occupants of the space owe back rent in the amount of $45,000 and they have not secured the necessary documentation that there will be no threats or disruption during the performance by the Irish Republican Party or British students protesting raises in university tuition. The Owner hereby relieves himself of any civil or criminal liability arising from a gathering therein, and puts the occupants on notice that an eviction order is forthcoming.

The Millennium Actors Guild has demonstrated in limine that the producers are in flagrant breach of the Guild’s negotiated contract terms, namely, §42.8(b)(VI)(H) which explicitly prohibits rehearsals and production during the somber month of December when the Guild pays dutiful homage to their deceased founder, the reverent Lady Emma Walker. The Guild has taken the extraordinary measure of seeking an injunction in addition to withholding their considerable talent on the grounds that going forward with the production in any manner of fashion would proximately cause them extreme emotional distress that would endanger their future livelihoods as actors. Please see attached expert opinion from psychologist Dr. Zane Raspootin.

Finally, the aggrieved Author presented irrefutable evidence to the Court that this performance is proceeding in bad faith. The Author was able to demonstrate that she attempted without success to convince producers of this play to cast the Author as lead, thereby ensuring that production would capture the play’s true essence. After being denied, the Author regretfully invokes the rights and privileges of the true copyright holder to enjoin the producers from materially gaining from the Author’s creative masterpiece.

We would like to remind you, Mr. Borek, that violation of a Court injunction constitutes a federal felony in the fourth degree which is grounds for restraint and arrest. All violators will be fined individually in an amount no less than twice the attorneys fees accrued by the injunction seekers. Please see attached Court Order for more details.

The Law Firm of Korol, Coone, and Mulligan wishes you a happy holiday season. Please consider us if you ever find yourself in need of legal counsel (present dispute notwithstanding.)

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