Saturday, December 11 2010
Written by Maeve Gamorra
Directed by Spencer Christiano

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What Would Happen If Your World Disappeared?

“Lyrical” The San Francisco Post Dispatch
“Riveting” The Houston Morning News
“Haunting” The Philadelphia Beacon Sentinel

John W. Borek, Producer, has secured the rights to the new Irish theater sensation, “A Window on the Carragee” capitalizing on Broadway’s mania for all things Eire. He has spent his last penny on a cast imported from The Abbey Theater and the most expensive stage set in history – a fragment of a real Dublin street of row houses constructed in 1892 with original street lamps and trolley tracks. He has created special effects that allow the second act to take place in a steady drizzle.

There are just a few problems. He didn’t pay playwright Maeve Gamora for the rights, and he hasn’t paid the actors and production team since rehearsals began. When he introduces the play to the opening night audience, he finds that the actors have walked out, the stage set has been destroyed and the costumes have been impounded. He is served with a court order preventing him from performing the play. Only one stage tech is left and then only because he is locked in the tech space.

Borek has no alternative but to go on with the show. He needs the box office to stay out of jail. He decides to put on another show called “A Window on the Carrageenan” with props and costumes left over from the previous booking, “The Wizard of Poz,” an AIDS benefit performance. He will recruit his actors from audience members who have always wanted to be stars, promising them a reality show contract. He will force them to make up a play on the spot.

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