Monday, February 7 2011
Directed & Designed by Spencer Christiano
Photos by Annette Dragon

The Injured Superhero Show opened on the same night Spiderman was scheduled to open at the Foxwoods Theater on 42nd Street in New York City.

Injured Superheroes were cast the night of the show. Those interested in auditioning came in costume to the MuCCC Theater, 142 Atlantic Avenue at 7 PM. Those injured superheroes who auditioned were admitted for free.

Injured Superhero Show is the most exciting theater debut since, well, since Spiderman. But whereas, Spiderman cost $65 million, Injured Superheroes could only raise $973. The good news: although Spiderman should re-coup its investment in 74 weeks of sold-out performances, ISH was able to re-coup in one night.

Both shows are the beneficiaries of some of the world’s great talents. Spiderman’s creative team includes Bono and The Edge and celebrated director Julie Taymor (The Lion King). Injured Superheroes has been conceived by conceptual artist John Borek (aka The Professor of Rap) and playwright Spencer Christiano (The Sidewalk that Couldn’t Be Plowed).

No Superheroes were injured in the creation of Injured Superhero Show.