Production Supervised by Spencer Christiano

Holiday – Directed by Philip Frey – Friday, April 29 2011
Second Threshold by Philip Barry by Spencer Christiano – Directed by Spencer Christiano -
          Saturday, April 30 2011
The Philadelphia Story – Directed by David Henderson – Saturday, April 30 2011
Hotel Universe – Directed by Michael H. Arve – Sunday, April 31 2011

Philip Barry is Rochester’s most famous playwright.

The author of The Philadelphia Story and Holiday went to Nazareth Hall Academy and East High before heading for Yale. The son of Irish immigrants who ran a successful and then not-so-successful marble fireplace business, he married into a well-to-do Connecticut family, got a villa in Nice for a wedding gift and spent the rest of his life examining the existential crises of the rich. Barry’s plays teeter between the comfort of money and the call of art and although The Philadelphia Story is his most famous play, it is hardly his most challenging. Holiday is a bolder approach to the question of happiness versus money. Other, darker plays are laced with a dose of strychnine – suicide or the threat thereof.

MuCCC Producer, John W. Borek re-introduced Rochester audiences to its favorite theatrical son with staged readings of four Philip Barry plays.