Friday, May 6 2011
Directed and Designed by Spencer Christiano
Photos by Annette Dragon

Follow the trajectory of John W. Borek’s rise to fame from his beginnings as a child model to his pre-adolescent authorship of books on New York and Hungary to his teenaged formation of an eponymous religion to his rise as one of America’s premier rappers. How I Became Famous explores the meaning of celebrity in America and investigates the toll it takes on the artist.

Starring The Anbu Clan, Michael Arve, Spencer Christiano, Joe Fox-Boyd, Jacqueline Levine, Krysia Mnick, Timothy Lawler, Kimberly Niles, Declan Ryan, Jack Simel, Rebecca Solomon, Kelly Webster and Vanessa Q as the Goddess of Fame. Choreography by Thomas Warfield; Music by Brandon McNeil, Anthony Irwin and Joe Fox-Boyd.