(Written April 2008)

Dear Mr. Sagal:

Thank you so much for recognizing the importance of “Moose Murders” in the theatrical canon. The cast and I were thrilled with the selection of “Moose” for Not My Job. Can the Tonys be far behind?

Since it is my duty to protect the honor and dignity of this play, I do wish to point out that your fact checker could never get a job at The New Yorker. There were one and one-half mistakes in the three questions presented to the panel. This very possibly could invalidate that part of the show and allow the person for whom Moby was playing to qualify for a Carl Kassell recording.

First, Joe Buffalo Dance is not the proprietor of The Wild Moose Lodge where the play is set. He is the caretaker. But we will only count that as one-half of an error.

The blinding, glaring, unforgiveable mistake is referring to the quadriplegic character wrapped in bandages as Stanley Holloway. Stanley Holloway was the British entertainer and actor who rose to fame playing Eliza Doolittle’s father in “My Fair Lady”. The character in Moose Murders is named SIDNEY Holloway.

See you at Sardi’s.

John Borek, Producer, “Moose Murders”