(Written February 2008)

Last night I saw a play that changed my life. Its name was” Moose Murders”.
– Saskatchewan Correctional Facility Bulletin

More fun than a barrel of mooses.
–The El Paso Water Authority Newsletter.

I ran from the theater breathless.
–Pulmonary Rescue Team Journal

Immoral! Outrageous! Tawdry!
—The Sheboygan Consortium on Contemporary Ethics

Ushers in a new era in modern American Theater
–Theater Ushers of America Pension Supplement

“I love you all. Thank you for a remarkable evening.”
John Borek from his memoir “Runs in My Socks: My Life in The Theater”

Giulia Perucchio locks and loads the Playskool rifle in preparation for a heartstopping moment in "Moose Murders".

Giulia Perucchio and Jordan Daniel, production assistants, basking in the limelight of "Moose Murders." Crowds of autograph seekers lined the sidewalk outside the theater.