Saturday, March 20 2010
Production Supervised by Spencer Christiano
Photos by Annette Dragon

Hungry for a New Kind of Theater?

What happens when eight people have dinner on a stage? Find out at John W. Borek’s performance art event, Dinner Theater, Saturday, March 20th 8 PM at the MuCCC Theater catered by Rochester’s pre-eminent brasserie, Good Luck.

John W. Borek, producer of the internationally acclaimed revival of “Moose Murders”, hosts a new kind of theater. He has invited eight guests to dine in front of an audience. Audience members can listen in on their dinner conversation of eight remarkable people: their accomplishments in the arts and sciences, political stances, aspirations and life stories will all be part of the evening’s free flow of unscripted talk.

Food for the evening will be provided by Good Luck from their exciting and unique menu. Food expert and certified sommelier Joe Ellis will lead Dinner Theater guests through menu and beverage selection describing Good Luck’s food and philosophy.

You are invited to watch Arthur Bicknell, Frank DeBlase, Sean Dunwoody, Allison Roberts, Rachel Hockett, Delores Jackson Radney, Kristina Wilson and Yang Yu dine, talk, laugh and entertain.